In an original post created by Barb and John (Post #1296), a set of rules for the Slot Pull Adventure that would take place on our TA was explained. Unfortunately, Barb and John are no longer able to travel with us however; I have reviewed and made only minor adjustments to their proposed event. The rules are listed below:

1. The entrance fee is $15 per share. ($12 goes into the machine and $3 is put in a prize pot award for the person who gets the largest amount on a single pull. (This gives everyone two possible ways to win money.) Players may enter for a maximum of 3 shares each. I have contacted the Casino Host (Nolo) onboard and reserved a machine for 11:00AM on Friday April 25.

2. On Friday @ 10:30AM we all meet at the Martini Bar located on Deck 4, next to the casino, and go over the rules, complete registration, and collect fees before we head inside the casino.

3. We will use a $1.00 machine (which has been selected and reserved).

4. We will play the maximum bet on the machine of $3.00 per pull.

5. Each share purchased will receive 4 pulls. (If you have purchased multiple shares, your subsequent sets of pulls may be called after all players have pulled their first set of pulls.)

6. All slot money will be put into the machine before the first pull.

7. Once the first pull is taken, no one else can join in and the game is closed. In addition, no additional shares may be purchased after the game has begun. The Slot Pull will end after the last person entered has taken their final pull on the slot machine.

8. Participation will be in the order of Slot Pull Registration sign up at the Martini bar beginning at 10:30AM on Friday April 25. If a registered player is not present when their name is called to pull, their name will be moved to the bottom of the list. You must play to take part in any winnings. If you are a “no show”, you will forfeit all shares of the winnings.

9. Lisa and Andrew will be the designated people to conduct registration in the Martini Bar, call/check names off the list as players have taken their turns, and record the results of all of the pulls.

10. If we hit a large Jackpot ($500+), we will collect the payout. The ticket will be cashed out and the amount above the winnings will be replaced into a new machine. The remaining pulls will continue where they were left off. The win amount will be added to the total winnings at the end of the event. (We do this to improve our chances because once a machine hits big, the chances of it doing it again are very slim.)

11. We ask that all players that may choose to leave the casino following their pulls meet back in the Martini Bar after the last pull is completed in order to collect your share of the winnings (expected at 11:45AM). It may be difficult to locate you following the event to provide payouts.

12. The winnings will be distributed equally per share, except that they will be rounded down to the nearest dollar per share. The person who organizes the slot pull gets the left over change per share.

13. After the pull is finished we will all meet back at the Martini bar where we started out in order to distribute the winnings and award the money for the single largest pull. We do this so I have time to cash out and get the right amount of change and separate the money per share.

14. The Highest Single Spin will receive $3.00 for every share purchased BUT if there is a tie, the pot will be divided equally between the tie winners.

15. Rules are subject to change by Andrew, in the event it makes sense and is fair to everyone.

16. Remember, this is a fun event to maybe gain a few dollars and enjoy the company of others in our group. Everyone is encouraged to cheer on the slot pullers and mingle with others in the group.

Note: In the event we do hit big jackpot, a non-USA citizen may be asked to volunteer as the recipient. If a USA citizen claims the money, an automatic 25% withholding tax is withdrawn. Someone outside the USA would not have to declare that tax so if we have a volunteer who resides outside the USA who wouldn’t mind claiming the money in the event we make a good hit.

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