Slot Pull

We hope that you are continuing to enjoy your cruise vacation. Prior to our departure from Fort Lauderdale or during the cruise so far, you expressed interest in participating in our Slot Pull Activity. This event promises to provide some great excitement and a lot of fun for all participants, not to mention the chance at winning some cold hard cash. Participants should be reminded that the “Pull” order is based on the registration sign-up order onboard (not based on the order from the roll-call boards) so you may want to arrive a few minutes before registration begins if you want an early position.

Registration will take place on Friday, April 25 in the Martini Bar (Deck 4 Midship) at 10:30AM. We will close registration and begin the Slot Pull at 11:00AM SHARP. Once the Slot Pull is complete, we invite each participant to join us back in the Martini Bar in order to pay out all shares and announce the “Highest Pull Winner”. We wish everyone the best of luck. Remember, the more each player wins, the more we all win!

The entry cost per person, per share is $15 (CASH ONLY in USD). There will be a maximum of three shares allowed per person (potentially tripling your winnings and giving you more spins). Each Participant should be sure to have the appropriate amount of cash ready when registering. We kindly ask all Participants to please have the exact amount of money, if possible, due to the limited change available. Payouts will be paid out to all participants in cash.

If you have any questions in advance, please contact us at any of the various Cruise Critic events going on throughout the cruise.

Warmest regards,

Andrew Kress
Lisa Kress

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