Cabin Crawl

I hope that you are continuing to enjoy your cruise vacation. Prior to our departure from Fort Lauderdale or during the cruise so far, you expressed interest in being a Host in our Cabin Crawl. This is a unique event that most cruise ship guests are unable to experience. During the crawl, not only you will have the opportunity to view several different cabin categories held by your fellow Cruise Critic members but you will also be able to showcase your cabin category. Whether you regularly enjoy interior staterooms, concierge class verandahs or even luxurious suites, you will be able to view a wide variety of staterooms available aboard the Celebrity Cruise’s Eclipse.

The staterooms that you will view, just as yours, are currently occupied by fellow Cruise Critic members who have been extremely generous in opening their doors for us. As a guest in these staterooms, please be courteous of their personal belongings by observing a “look but don’t touch” policy. Also, please be aware that the fellow hosts of each selected stateroom on the crawl will also be viewing other cabins. For this reason, please reserve detailed questions until we gather at the end of the crawl.

On Saturday April 26, we will all gather and begin our crawl in the Sky Observation Lounge (Deck 14 Forward) at 12:45PM. From there, we will follow the schedule listed below in order to maximize the time allotted to view all of the staterooms. At the completion of the crawl, we will meet in the Martini Bar (Deck 4 Midship), where you are encouraged to thank your fellow hosts and to ask any questions that you may have. All hosts should prepare to be the first to view the cabin preceding their own in order to be first to arrive at their own cabin for showing.

Viewing Time Stateroom # Category Position Hosts
1:00PM 1607 Royal Suite (RS) Deck 11 (M/P) Candy & Kevin
1:20PM 1555 Aqua-Class (A1) Deck 11 (F/P) Andrew & Lisa
1:30PM 1026 Concierge Accessible Deck 10 (F/S) Joan & John
1:40PM 1407 Aft Concierge (C1) Deck 10 (A/St) Bill & Sandra
1:50PM 9272 Hump Balcony (1B) Deck 9 (M/S) Sollan & Svenne
2:00PM 9248 Interior (9) Deck 9 (M/S) Rhoda & Roz
2:10PM 7220 Balcony (2A) Deck 7 (M/S) Kathy & Henry
2:20PM 7219 Angle Balcony (1A) Deck 7 (M/P) Michael & Frances
2:30PM 6283 Obstructed Balcony Deck 6 (A/P) Rita & Mark

(F=Forward; M=Midship; A=Aft; P=Port; S=Starboard; St=Stern)

Warmest regards,
Andrew Kress

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